How to choose an outsourcing company in Poland?

Every year, the demand for outsourcing services in Poland grows. This is primarily due to the vibrant development of the market, with new local “players” emerging and international companies entering the scene. The popularity of outsourcing is also driven by its obvious advantages, such as resource optimization, focusing on business goals, and access to professional expertise. Traditionally, demand creates supply, and today, a number of outsourcing companies across Poland offer their services. But how do you find the right partner and avoid making mistakes? In reality, the strategy for finding a reliable outsourcing provider can be presented through several key tactical steps. Let’s explore them.

Task #1

Determine your vector and scope of work. You may be interested in legal support, accounting services, HR management, IT infrastructure maintenance, financial auditing, personnel outsourcing, and more. Perhaps you are only interested in one type of outsourcing service, or maybe several at once. Analyze the extent of these services you require and the timelines for each. Your subsequent choice will depend on this direction.

Task #2

Research outsourcing offerings on the market. Look for experienced and powerful providers. Due to their large staff and order volumes, they offer quality services at an optimal price. Additionally, they are often multifunctional and can provide several outsourcing directions simultaneously. They are also more flexible in terms of support format policies (partial, complete, 24/7), open to communication, and provide free consultations.

Task #3

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the legislation of the country regarding outsourcing. For example, employee outsourcing (leasing) is clearly regulated by the Labor Code of Poland, and the rules and peculiarities of hiring employees through national and international agencies have been defined.

Task #4

Consult with several potential partners, identify the pros and cons of each. After selecting the optimal option, sign a contract (all nuances of cooperation must be spelled out) and only then launch the collaboration.

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