Some 15-20 years ago, the word “leasing” evoked obvious associations with property (rent of industrial equipment, cars, special machinery, etc.). But today, staff leasing is a similarly popular service, yet unfortunately, not many people have good knowledge of this niche, except for experts. It’s too bad, because it can gain an upper hand for any business. What is staff leasing? Who might benefit from this service and in what way? Let’s find out.

What is staff leasing service?

It is an opportunity to “borrow” (rent) a certain number of line personnel (loaders, construction workers, cleaners, maids, waiters, packers, drivers, cashiers, etc.) for a specified period at a reasonable price from an HR provider that employs these workers, without hiring or firing them, keeping HR records and managing staff and many other time-consuming processes. At the same time, the lessor (HR provider) and the lessee (customer) sign a contract with detailed terms of cooperation. Staff leasing can be either short-term (1 month and more) or long-term, depending on the needs of the customer, but not more than 18 months, since the legislation clearly determines the temporary employee’s maximum term of contract with one employer (customer).

Who can benefit from the service?

Certainly, any business would only win from contacting the HR provider and ordering this service, because staff leasing allows the customer to concentrate on key business goals. Moreover, there are many organizations that desperately need it, e.g., companies with seasonal employment (farming, horticulture, resort, construction fields, etc.). In addition, these may be young companies that don’t have the possibilities to coordinate all business processes, including recruitment and staff management. Or businesses with a high staff turnover (restaurants, hotels, retail and wholesale, etc.).

What key advantages are there for the customers?

  •  there’s no need to employ an HR manager or a recruiter;
  •  you can forget about the trial period, as the workers are already employed;
  •  there is a great opportunity to reduce costs by leasing the specialists for a limited period;
  •  downtimes in production processes related to temporary incapacity for work can be avoided;
  • tax issues and social contributions are delegated to the HR provider, whereas the customer only pays a fixed cost per hour of work, which already includes all expenses. Furthermore, the customer receives an invoice for HR provider’s services, which is the basis for reducing an income tax, without extra expenses on the labor fund.

Staff leasing is indeed a unique service offering obvious advantages and eliminating any pitfalls. The only crucial point for the customer is to find a decent provider.

Smart Solutions is an HR provider with 14 years of successful experience on the international market, including 12 years of professional staff leasing services. The branch in Poland launched one year ago is one of the most promising and effective agencies. An extensive base of strong professionals (Poles, Ukrainians, and other ethnicities) in this country allows us to quickly find the employees with necessary skills and offer favorable and cost-efficient terms to the customers.

Let our experts work for you and show you that staff lasing service can change your business for the better!