The specifics of recruitment in Poland

The current labor market situation in Poland is somewhat complex and poses significant challenges. One of the market characteristics is the low unemployment rate in Poland. At the end of February this year, the registered unemployment rate stood at 5.5%. This is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union. As a result, employers continue to face difficulties in finding employees for both simple tasks and more specialized roles.

Agnieszka Kolanowska, the general manager of Smart Solutions company in Poland, shared her expert opinion on how to quickly find and hire the best specialists in Poland.

What is the Polish job market like today? We should always analyze the job market from two perspectives: the candidate’s perspective and the perspective of the company offering job opportunities.

From the company’s perspective, there is still a high demand for IT specialists, employees in the financial sector, service sector, administration, as well as key personnel for manufacturing companies and the transportation and logistics industry.

More specifically, the situation looks as follows:

In the IT industry, the most sought-after positions are software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists.

In the financial and banking sector, financial analysts, auditors, and accountants are often in high demand.

Among the professions for which it is currently difficult to find employees are administrative and sales roles. There is also a shortage of personnel in production and warehouse operations.

Of course, we must consider the wartime context. The Polish job market has visibly changed due to it. Prior to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Poland was an employer for a large number of Ukrainians, with approximately 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens working here.

However, after February 24th of last year, many people, mostly men, had to return home and fight for their homeland. This created a significant gap in the job market that now needs to be filled or somehow reshaped. Today, many employers are contemplating how to utilize the skills they have available to achieve their company’s goals (for example, women who acquire qualifications for forklift operation).

What does recruitment in Poland look like today?

When it comes to the recruitment process itself in Poland, it has indeed evolved. Prior to the pandemic, no one could imagine hiring without a face-to-face meeting with the candidate. The pandemic has changed that, and today we no longer have to meet in person. Everything can be done online, including verifying the future employee’s competencies.

In addition to the substantive test and required certifications, an effective way to determine whether a candidate possesses the necessary qualifications is to check their references from previous employers. It is also important to consider how the candidate presents themselves on social media.

Quick ways to find the best specialist

Based on my experience, the most effective way to recruit talents for our company is through leveraging our network of contacts and recommendations from our employees. Recruitment portals such as LinkedIn, Pracuj.pl, Praca.pl, and OLX.pl can be very helpful.

As mentioned earlier, the most effective approach is to utilize our own network of contacts. In doing so, we gain three important values:

  1. If employees enjoy working in our company, they will be interested in recommending their friends.
  2. This will significantly reduce the recruitment process time.
  3. Employees also take responsibility for shaping the final composition of the team they will be working in.

What to consider when searching for a specialist?

To find the right specialists, there are several points to consider:

  • Their experience
  • Their strengths and what they can bring to complement your team

Today, qualifications and competencies in teams should complement each other.

For example, if some individuals excel in sales, it would be beneficial to have others who can professionally handle documentation or take care of post-contract activities with clients.

References obtained from previous employers are valuable as they provide insights into what aspects of working with the employee went well and what to pay special attention to. It is essential knowledge for working effectively with a new team member and maximizing their strengths.

What competencies are equally important today?

Here’s an example: we are looking for someone for a sales position. For me, the person’s attitude towards work is crucial, as well as how they search for potential clients, conduct conversations, prepare offers and documents – their professionalism in this regard.

In terms of soft skills, many employers prioritize teamwork skills and the ability to be a person who avoids conflicts.

Our company serves over 500 international firms from various industries every day. For our clients, we usually seek optimistic and smiling individuals who approach life, including their professional life, with a focus on opportunities rather than threats. We value open-minded people who appreciate others, have diverse interests, and are eager for personal growth.